A Grand Clio 

A Grand Clio & Kisses

Students from Miami Ad School Hamburg, San Francisco and Miami team together while studying in New York to create "Macy’s Xmas Roulette".
Grand Clio student winners: Rajivi Rao, Soham Chatterjee, Margarita Cardena

Grand Clio student winners: Rajivi Rao, Soham Chatterjee, Margarita Cardenas

"The contest, Clio Images, is quite straightforward, we had to do something, anything, unique for a fashion brand." -Margarita Cardenas, art directionSan Francisco

"We looked for something that set Macy's apart and that pays tribute to its own brand voice and standing. We decided to do something that demonstrated the human side of a fashion brand. Something everyone can relate to. Macy's was perfect for it." -Rajivi Rao, copywritingHamburg

"When we were brainstorming, it was the sheer passion to solve a real world problem with a creative idea. This drove us to speculate every fragment of the execution and make it perfect with our craft." -Soham Chatterjee, copywriting, Miami

Watch their award-winning idea on how the remaining balance on gift cards can be used to make your day and promote Macy's at the same time.

Miami Ad School students are the most awarded in the world. In the last couple of weeks they won the lion's share of international advertising and graphic design awards including the Clios, Art Directors Club, FIAP, Golden Award of Montreux and WAVE. See more award-winning work.