Become a Creative NoM.AD

You’ll have hundreds of opportunities
to study and intern around the world.

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Become a Creative NoM.AD.

Through the school’s connections, students have over 800 opportunities year to study and intern around the world. Get hands-on experience before you graduate. Build a huge network of
industry connections that can help you throughout your career.

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Experience the World

NoM.AD opportunities allow M.AD students to study and intern in cities around the world, gaining invaluable experience that helps them advance their careers. Through our partnerships with companies and agencies all over the world, we’re able to offer hundreds of NoM.AD opportunities each year. Our NoM.AD advisor helps students choose a location and agency that suits their situation.

These are no coffee-fetching internships! Imagine going to a client meeting in Atlanta, a photoshoot in Tokyo or a team brainstorming session in New York. You’ll spend seven hours a day for 10 weeks in the creative department being mentored by the company’s staff and building your network of industry contacts. Each experience is chosen to compliment and enhance your learning from the M.AD program you study at your home campus.

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Associate Creative Director at McCann New York
"When we were in Berlin, we spent the majority of our time working on launching a social brand that was all about advancing a fictional plot. We got to write all day, every day, in the voices of the different fictional characters. Our work went on all the social channels. It was an amazing experience."
Atlanta Opportunities
Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi
“In NoM.AD I worked on everything from Gatorade to Google, and I even did some pitches which helped win new business. It was a great opportunity to stretch myself to craft my copywriting and to meet a lot of new fun people along the way.”
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Meirydis Garcia, Admissions Advisor

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You already know MAD is different. We’re casual, friendly, roll-up-the-sleeves and let-down-the-hair kind of people. And we like to get to know our students just the same as they get to know us.

So if you’re wondering if the School of Ideas is right for you, here’s a thought: just reach out. You can have a chat with an advisor (no strings attached) who can help you figure out what’s next in your creative adventure. Maybe that means Art Direction at MAD. Maybe it’s ice fishing in Kathmandu. Your advisor can help you work it all out.

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